spi protects the border with advanced thermal imaging systems

These products are just a few we carry for border patrol thermal imaging needs. The border is the perfect place for infrared and thermal viewing because when the sun goes down there are no lights to catch the bad guys. Some of our long range thermal imaging solutions have the capabilities and capacity to see human targets up to 2 miles away. With tracking, human detection laser point location, our border patrol thermal imaging solutions can be custom fit to your exact needs. Some of our systems have the ability to go full wireless for remote infrared needs. If you would like to inquire more about these systems we have to offer please contact us here


thermal imaging m1 for border patrol

The M1 Long Range Thermal imaging system is the best device for long range human detection.  The M1 is currently being used in Iraq by the united states Marines and various borders around the United States. For pricing and access to sensitive information please inquire above. 

m1-x great border patrol thermal imager

The M1-X is our sister product to the multi-sensor M1 system. This system is similar, however it is much smaller and lighter for more compact applications. This is another great system we have built with our national border security in mind. If you are interested in testing out an M1 for your application please contact one of our government thermal representatives today.

ir 360 pro thermal imager

The SPI IR-360 is one our most advanced long range thermal imagers for border patrol applications. With impressive germanium FLIR optics and a cctv camera an image this camera will do everything you need it to. In addition to all the other nice features, the IR-360 and IR-360 Pro has an on board night vision camera for anvanced optics. This is a favorite. in the border patrol world. 

007 wireless box for thermal advanced border patrol applications

Our 007 Wireless Command Center was built specifically for unique border patrol thermal applications. With the option for drop deployment solutions we can make sure that the wireless command center to control your thermal infrared engine will be ready at moments notice.  Fully rugged and mobile operational our wireless command center for thermal imagers is what you need. Contact a representative today for a live demo in your area.

t7 thermal binocular for border patrol agents

The T7 Thermal Binocular kit is very similar to the Night Vision PVS-7.  Very rugged and meets all military specifications, the T7 infrared binocular is one of a kind. With the ability to use the goggles in a hands free operation allows for quick and stealth maneuverability in either a car, suv or ATV when searching for suspects on or near the United States border. The image is very clean. Just click more to check out what the T7 see's that the human eye cannot. 

x50 pocket thermal device great for border foot patrol

The latest x-50 is a modern breakthrough in the thermal world. This is one of the smallest and most affordable thermal imaging device on the market today. The x-50 infrared hand held monocular is perfect for border patrol agents on foot or horseback. We are currently offering huge discounts for orders of 50 or more when you purchase today. 

spi-5000xp thermal pan tilt system for border patrol agents

The all new 5000xp is our latest compact pan/tilt thermal imager. This 5000 xp is great for  border patrol agent Trucks and SUV's. The 5000XP infrared pan tilt imager can detect human activity from long distances and now boasts an impressive 320 x 340 resolution. To talk with a representative about the 5000xp pan and tilt thermal imager please call 702-369-3966 

ir 250dx for thermal border patrol agents love the ir250dx for thermal infrared application

The IR 250 DX is one of our most popular large style hand held thermal imagers. This infrared camera has one of the purest and cleanest sensors in the world. At Sierra Pacific Innovations we only sell and manufacture the best thermal imagers for our United States government in such a sensitive time. We are dedicated to providing not only the best thermal imaging products but also provide support and assistance for a lifetime. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing the IR 250DX



Night Vision Products 

p-15 night vision dual tube device for border patrol hands free opperations 


pvs-7 single tube moncular by sierra pacfic innovations 



spi contact

Night Vision - Goverment

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