spi law enforcement thermal application

We carry a large selection of thermal imaging and night vision devices for all United States law enforcement agencies. If our products are sophisticated enough for the Military then you can bet our systems will fit within your command.  We are always striving to increase situational awareness for the good guys, and make sure the enemy does not have a chance against our equipment. Look no further for the right thermal, infrared and night vision products - Sierra Pacific Innovation is here to help you every step of the way.

raptor for thermal surveillance

The Raptor is a very small but rugged hand held thermal imaging device perfect for steak out and surveillance police and law enforcement applications.  With the included 6x 1800mm zoom germanium lens, any angency will not have a problem scoping out suspects in far and remote places.  This kit comes with 4 batteries for all day or all night infrared opperation. Including but not limited too is software that has reporting templates that can be customized for court. To inquire about the Raptor Thermal Surveillance kit pleace click the button above.

 t7 thermal binocualrs goggle for law enforcement

This T7 Thermal Binocular is one of the best hands free thermal operation goggles on the market. With similar design the the popular PVS-7 , this thermal binocular kit will fit the existing PVS7 head mount. With optional video output and the ability to record images when plugged into the correct source the T7 is excellent for law enforcement infrared needs.  

x50 l3 thermal eye pocket thermal offered by sierra pacific innovations great foir law enforcement applications

The X-50 Pocket thermal imager is a favorite in the law enforcement field. With tight budgets but the need for advanced thermal imaging instruments, the X-50 is an affordable option to the pricey units. Used in Iraq by the United States Military this unit has proved to be very capable in small and rugged combat scenario's.  To learn more about this product just click above or click here to contact an SPI law enforcement sales representative 

ir 250 dx ir250 for law enforcement

The IR 250DX has one of the best thermal engines on the market. With long range capability this 250dx has such a clean image that in some cases the suspect can be identified just using the thermal imager. Please contact and SPI team member for more information on this surberb thermal imaging device for law enforcement agents.




p15 dual tube night vision device by sierra pacific innovations

Our newly re-tuned P-15 dual tube night vision device is another favorite hands free operation binocular kit. This kit has not 1 night vision tube, but 2.  The P-15 night vision goggles can be used with any PVS-7 head mount. To learn more about the p-15 or to test out a demo please call 702-369-3966  

 pvs-7 night vision monocular

This is our new PVS-7. It can be used as a monocular or also included is the rail mount adapter for your favorite tactile assault rifle.  Without question this is the device trusted by the United States government. 



spi contact

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